About Us

About Celtem Infra

At Celtem Infra, we are passionate about creating spaces that you can be proud of living and investing in.

We are a professionally run and fast growing real estate company in India, with the knowledge and expertise to help you generate wealth through strategic property investment.

Real estate investment is commonly acknowledged as a low-risk, high-yield strategy for wealth creation. At Celtem Infra we help you maximize and safeguard your investment by offering the very best property investment opportunities. Our mission is to create world-class properties, with a fundamental focus on providing superior quality, value and exceptional customer experience by making the property buying process not just hassle-free, but truly pleasurable.

Celtem Infra believes in green, sustainable development. Our goal is to establish the benchmark for premier, mixed-use development by delivering the highest standard of environmental protection, along with unparalleled livability and quality of life.

Celtem Infra brings together a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. The team includes experts in Land acquisitions, Design and Construction, Finance, Marketing, Property Management, Legal and Technology, who bring in-depth understanding of target markets and the expertise essential to delivering successful real estate projects


Our mission is to create a secure and attractive real-estate investment channel for our high networth customer. Such properties will also double up as a ‘return-to-nature’ alternative within a short drive from the hustle-bustle of city life.


Our vision for Celtem Infra is simple. We want to help every achiever to own a 2nd home or land, in the outskirts of the city that she lives or has interests in.